2D Bags

FlowLinX 2D bio bag assemblies are designed for fluid handling in upstream and downstream processing, such as sampling, buffer and media storage, and transportation of drug substance.

Assembly Features

·        Multi-layer coextruded film with ULDPE product contact layer
·        Available from 50mL to 100L
·        Available in 3-port and 4-port configurations
·        Superb physical strength and excellent biocompatibility
·        Standard bags with needle free sampling port
·        Supplied gamma irradiated with sterility assurance
·        Aseptically connect using AseptiQuik® or TPE tube welder
·        Manufactured in an ISO 7 Cleanroom
·        Animal Component Free

Bag Film Overview

·         ULDPE Fluid Contact Layer

·         USP <85>, Bacterial Endotoxin

·         USP <88>, Biological Reactivity Tests, Class VI, In Vivo

·         USP <87>, Biological Reactivity Tests, In Vitro

·         ISO 10993-4, Hemolysis

·         ISO 10993-5, Cytotoxicity

·         ISO 10993-6, Implantation

·         ISO 10993-10, Irritation and Sensitization

·         ISO 10993-11, Systemic Toxicity

·         USP <661>, Plastic Packaging Systems

·         EP, Plastic Containers for Aqueous Solutions for Infusion

·         Extractables Testing